About the program

Becoming a member of Tahiti Elite Club will permit you to immediately enjoy the following benefits :

Generous Cash Incentive

You will personally earn $$$$$ for each room night booked at any of SPM’s four exclusive resorts and cruises, whether you book directly or through your favourite TO.

Exclusive added values

You will be able to offer complimentary added values to your clients and they will receive VIP treatment at each of our resorts and cruises.


Special rates at all SPM resorts and cruises for “TAHITI ELITE CLUB” registered members and a travelling companion.


Whenever feasable, SPM will organize Famtrips for small groups of selected travel agents. Tahiti Elite Club members will have registration priority.


Regular on-line Training and Information sessions for Club members will ensure you gain and maintain first hand knowledge of our destination and our resorts and cruises.


Club members will be permanently updated and informed through regular newsletters.

Special offers

Special offers and promotions, added values, updates, new developments... “TAHITI ELITE CLUB” members will always be informed firsthand.

Access to resources

As a Club member, you will enjoy free access to the Photo Library, to factsheets and to other valuable resources

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